How it Works

How does HeadPillow Soothe TMJ?
The HeadPillow soothes TMJ by reducing pressure on your face and jaw which occurs when sleeping directly on your pillow or sleeping surface. This keeps direct pressure away from the jaw joint and muscles.

What is the right size HeadPillow for me?
We have 4 sizes for you to have the perfect HeadPillow experience.

View the sizing chart on the HeadPillow product page.

If you do not know your size, take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your head about a half inch above the ear.

After you determine the size in terms of the number of inches, compare that to the sizing chart to make sure you get the right size when you order.

The pillow may feel too tight at first and this is expected, just like a new pair of shoes, the HeadPillow needs to be broken in. Just keep using it daily, and in about 5 days it should be a perfect fit.

Also, be aware that the HeadPillow is designed to be a snug fit on your head so it won’t fall off when you are sleeping, so it might take a little getting used to but the relief from TMJ that you will likely feel in the morning makes it worth it.

How to use the HeadPillow?
First, place the HeadPillow on your head making sure the control panel is on the left side with the zipper on the top.

Then position the front of the HeadPillow, just above your eyebrows and position the back lower down to ensure neck support.

The HeadPillow can be rotated 360 degrees for your optimal comfort.

HeadPillow can be used with any standard pillow or simply by itself.

Can I sleep in any position wearing the HeadPillow?
Yes. Because of the halo design of the HeadPillow, it enables you to sleep in any position you desire.

What are the materials used in the HeadPillow?
The HeadPillow case is satin and the pillow itself is made of a special formula foam that required no less than 80 production refinements to get to the product we have today.

Why does HeadPillow have Bluetooth?
So you can listen to your favorite playlists, podcasts, or watch tv with the sound coming through the built in headphones.

How do I get the Bluetooth to work?
Press the center button on the Bluetooth controller, then go to the settings page on your bluetooth device. Go to the Bluetooth option and select HeadPillow. This should get you connected.

Does the HeadPillow come with a pillow case?
Yes it does. It actually comes with two so you always have a pillow case even when you’re washing one.